A Pilgrim's Brew

William Bradford was not only the leader of the Pilgrims and the father of Thanksgiving; he was also a beer lover. So much so that it was all he and the Pilgrims drank. It is with him in mind that we crafted the Bradford Ale. Bradford Ale is not your typical autumn brew. Fermented with organic pumpkin, assorted spices and bourbon infused cinnamon sticks it is a full bodied amber-brown ale that will make you want to take a hayride and roll in the fall leaves while being engulfed in the smell of burning oak in distant fireplaces. From the first smell to the last sip, this ale should be included in you fall survival plans.

  • Style: Harvest Ale
  • Alcohol Content (ABV): 5.6
  • Bitterness Units: 41
  • Hops: Summit, Palisades, Fuggle
  • Additions: Organic Pumkin Pie, Organic Cinnamon Sticks infused with Catoctin Creek Organic Rye Whiskey
  • Pairings: Anything that belongs on a Thanksgiving table.