Built to Last

From sea to shining sea was once only a dream. This dream became a reality thanks to a band of 33 travelers who braved the western expanse of America. Lead by two of America’s greatest expeditionaries, they traveled over the mountains and valleys, through the plains and across the rivers, building friendships and narrowly escaping death from their enemies. Starvation nearly took them, but the steadfast devotion and help of a native woman brought them to eternal glory. Let us remember the Corps of Discovery with the American Expedition, a light bodied American wheat ale. Bathed in farmers honey and spiced with ginger, it will give any traveler the fortitude and perseverance to carry on.

  • Style: Honey Ginger Wheat Ale
  • Alcohol Content (ABV): 4.5
  • Bitterness Units: 15
  • Pairings: BBQ, Grilled/Smoked or Baked Fish, Sushi, Crab Cakes