Born with the thought of brewing only the finest craft beer and challenging what beer “should” taste like, these brews are crowd classics that are built to withstand the test of time.


Each crafted for a season, these brews set the tone for the weather both outside and in.

Limited Series

Maintaining the spirit of innovation and creativity that is bred within Heritage we present our Limited Series brews. A collection of the quirky, the bold and the innovative this series defines our creative spirit. Some of these brews are quarterly, some annual and some are once in a decade so keep an eye out for them before they are gone.

Oak Aged

From that first batch in a small cramped basement we have always dreamed of being able to age our beers for longer. We seek to age our beers in new and complex ways to give even more depth and flavor to the brews we present. Not only will we be creating complex and rich beers but we will also be doing a vertical program that will allow a select few to be able to enjoy some of our more unique beers over time. Most of our barrels are provided to us through our strong partnership with out friends over at Catoctin Creek Distilling an organic local spirits producer. We also have local partnerships with vineyards and distillers alike that we are excited and privileged to bring this unique experience to you.


There is no one right way to make beer. In fact, there are an infinite number of ways to do it. Any flavor you can imagine can be made into beer. We use our ingenuity to create our own way of brewing beer. Everyday we are constantly challenging ourselves to come up with new flavors, new batches, and methods to create beer with. With the help of our imaginations, our small batch system and “Big Ferm” (Our affectionately named 8 vessel experimental fermentation room) there is no limit to what we can create.

Thomas Edison once wrote: “To have a great idea, have a lot of them.” Rest assured we take those words quite literally when it comes to the volume and variety of our experimental batches. We've made the choice to leave no flavor behind and no combination unexplored when it comes to how we craft our brews. Monthly we will be presenting new experimental batches on tap exclusively within the brewery taproom.

It is up to you to help us decide which flavors will help to win the war, if public demand is great enough we will be sure to brew that batch again or if vote is strong enough then we may even push it up to distribute for the rest of the world to enjoy. This is a chance for us to bring our creativity and drive to you and for you to finally be able to decide what beer you want!