A Uniquely American Brewery

~ Established 2013 ~

We are a veteran owned and operated microbrewery in Manassas, VA. As veterans and patriots, we find that we owe it to our patrons to only produce the finest beer made with the best ingredients with the same level of attention to detail and passion that we brought to serving our country.

  • 100%

    American sourced ingredients
    & Organic base malts

  • 92%

    Locally sourced
    or Organic ingredients

  • 1%

    Of every pint
    goes to charity

Organic & Sustainable

It is worth the extra effort to pay a little more, make a little less and put a whole lot of elbow grease into things to make a better product. A better product that not only tastes great, but is also made in a responsible and sustainable way. We use 100% organic 2-Row in all of our beers and each of our beers is comprised of at least 90% organic ingredients. No genetic modification, no pesticides, no BS just great beer.

Reuse, Recycle & Reduce

Elbow grease is an understatement to how we built our brewery. We spent hours on end thinking of ways for us to recycle, reuse and reduce our footprint. We started by making all of the furniture in the brewery out of shipping crates and pallets and continued with repurposing items to make our taproom. We may not have the capital just yet to have a ton of fancy energy recapturing devices, but we did create a way to recycle the water we use to chill out wort through a series of hoses so that the beer you drink was actually made from water that was used to chill our wort recapturing not only the water but also the heat reducing the energy it takes to heat our water. Think about it beer being made from making beer?

Why does this matter?

We want to bring you the best beer while also making sure it is actually good for both you and the environment around you. So the next time you have a pint of Heritage be sure to stop and think about all that is going into the beer in front of you.